Saturday Linkages: Tiny Houses, Human Cheese, Doomsday Condos and Speakin’ Squirrel

Tiny Cabin in Scottish Countryside

And . . . Anderson Cooper tackles tiny houses

Cat needs to learn water conservation:

No it’s not one of our April Fools day jokes: Breast Milk Ice Cream, Human Cheese

Doomsday condos in old missile silos:

Thomas Rainer’s 5 Myths about Native Plants

Learn to speak squirrel:

Abused Altadena Kitten Still Needs a Home

These, and more linkages, are from the Root Simple twitter feed.

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  1. I have ample opportunity to observe squirrel behavior and sounds. What the article describes is quite accurate. Or, what I observed seems to be confirmed by the research. Dozens of squirrels reside in my oak and hickory trees, unfortunately. They dig up my yard daily.

    The comments about the silo were better than the article!

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