Saturday Linkages: Ginger Grating, Food Poisoning and Williams-Sonoma Chicken Coops

Williams-Sonoma’s “Alexandria” Coop.

Quick Tip: Grate Ginger with a Fork

How long does food poisoning last?:

La Creuset chicken feeders, perhaps? Williams-Sonoma High-End DIY Line

A timeline of American food trends:

These, and more linkages, are from the Root Simple twitter feed.

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  1. RE: The Williams-Sonoma High-End DIY line.

    Kind of reminds of Marie Antoinette’s country cottages she had built in the place gardens so she and her friends could play at being country folk.

  2. I’m really enjoying your Saturday offerings. Just one more reason to look forward to the weekend.

    I’m not quite sure what to make about up-scale chicken and beekeeping supplies. On the one hand, it’s nice that people are getting involved with agriculture; on the other hand, it makes me laugh to think that the well-heeled need special equipment to do what we ordinary sorts have managed to do with regular old stuff. Rois’ comment (above) about Potemkin villages is apt.

    As for the food time line website, I came across it sometime last year in a search for information about New England common crackers. For history lovers like me it’s fascinating. Lots of good reading there.

  3. It is interesting to see Williams-Sonoma jumping on the bandwagon. I’m thinking of writing a longer blog post on what they are selling. At first glance, the chicken and beekeeping supplies do have a Marie Antoinette vibe as Rois points out. I have to say that the canning supplies are nice, though.

  4. I thought IKEA would roll out urban homesteading stuff; maybe they still will. Williams-Sonoma is generally for people who don’t have the work-life balance to for the kind of home and family time that they might like to have. It makes sense to me to see those domestic longings spill into homesteading.

  5. And I kinda hope that beautiful catalogues show up in HOA’s mailboxes, making them rethink their assumptions that bees, chickens, and gardens are somehow undesirable and hurt property values. I’d like to know if that beekeeping book is any good or if it’s *just* pretty. Looks very Anthropologie. Would be just the thing to leave in the coffee shop and sway some minds <3

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