The Most Beautiful Shed in the World

Located in the Willamette Valley in Oregon, this writer’s shed designed by Erin Moore has some mighty fine details. According to a blog post on Float Architectural Research and Design,

The writing studio is designed to reveal the ecological complexity of the site to visitors and in this way it is successful: Small tunnels under the studio bring rare reptiles and amphibians into view through the floor-level window. The water collection basin that doubles as the front step draws in birds and deer. At midday, the silhouettes of these animals project from the water onto the interior ceiling. Windows on the west and north sides frame different bird habitats—the tops of fence row trees and the patch of sky at a hilltop updraft. The roof diaphragm amplifies rain sounds and the collection basin is a measure of past rainfall.

I’ve got shed envy.

Via Lloyd’s blog.

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  1. Sorry for the negativity that fallows… I wanted to like it but it’s kind of ugly as far as tiny houses go. And what’s with the “to be constructed without road access” and “dropped in a single piece onto the piers by a front loader”. If your idea of low impact means coming in and removing the pieces after its useful life, then just about any 10X10 structure will qualify. I think we might be better off having eco-friendly structures built by simpler folk and not well educated weekend environmentalists. (Tunnels for reptiles; that sounds cool.)

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