Catitecture: Interior Design for Cats

Image from Modern Cat

I think I have that brain virus caused by cat poop. The one that makes you obsessed with cats. Why else would I read Modern Cat and contemplate installing cat shelves?

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  1. They really get to you don’t they? As a kid in my family we used to say that we had a deal with our cats – we will give them food, shelter, love and affection. And what will they do for you, people would ask. They’re going to let us.

    Now my partner and I thank ours every day for letting us live in our house and sleep on our bed. It’s totally worth it. 🙂

  2. I’ve never liked cats and since hearing about the brain virus caused by cat poo on NPR… Lets just say that I have an unsettling view of the “Cat Lady” phenomenon. I also wonder about my friends who recently adopted a cat that gave their family ringworm, not only did they keep it, but they got another one!

    I’ll stick with my new angora rabbit. Not only a playful companion, he will supply me with wool for spinning and knitting as well.

    But since you seem to be infected…

  3. hahah…we installed a couple of shelves for our cats recently. Although the motivation was quite utilitarian…. get the cat food off the floor so the dogs don’t eat it! House is tiny, so building on the wall was the only option. It turned out great, and looks kinda cool too…

    We got some cheap shelf brackets from IKEA, and salvaged planks from an old table we had lying around.

  4. Years ago, we had a very small cat who we would occasionally find walking back and forth across the tops of our curtains, right atop the rods just below the ceiling. It remained a mystery how she managed to get up there – we never saw her on her way up and there weren’t any obvious holes in the curtains to indicate that she’d climbed up on them. She would have loved cat shelves.

    It is a well known fact that humans are powerless once cats have moved in with them. We have gone so far as to adopt a mouse who lives in a glass aquarium and provides hours of entertainment for our five cats.
    We all work for the cats now. Even the mouse.

  5. Most cats don’t need shelves since they use kitchen counters, tops of refrigerators, the kitchen table, fireplace mantels, the bathroom sink and tops or armoires. I think cats in the house are nasty. Humans certainly are under their control.

    Cats are cute,but allergies, fungal infections, and hair are not.

    I dn’t have my glasses on because I have hair color on my hair. Plus, I have a key that sticks. So, I have absolutely no idea what is in this response–erors, I mean.

  6. Because they will do wonderful things for you once you install cat shelves. Or so they meow to you in your sleep.

    Cheap L-brackets, 1×6 hunk of wood roughly 2 feet long and off you go. I washed all the old wool sweaters, cut out and sewed up wool covers with a couple of buttons along the “wall” side. I put one piece of flat wool on the shelf, sprinkle cat nip, put the cover over it and button closed. They spend hours up there. I can pull it all off and wash every month or two. We managed to install 3 of these below the artwork in the livingroom and got rid of the cat tree that was taking up so much space. Much cheaper than a carpet covered cat tree you can never wash either.

  7. I read about a brain condition that causes people to be less conservative and take more risks, found in ceo’s race drivers ect this pathogen was found in cat litter. 🙂

  8. I checked out the catio article, lol. We let ours out in our fenced in backyard with a harness on and under constant supervision. I think cat’s are so misunderstood. Once you understand them it’s hard not to fall in love. My cat gets more spoiled every day…

  9. We put up shelves and lined them with carpet cause we didn’t want the little furry darlings to slip.

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