Saturday’s Quote: Farmers, the Sexiest Men and Women Alive

Photo from the Library of Congress

“When the next batch of huricanes hits and the oil wells run dry, whom do you want to wake up next to?  Someone who can program HTML or someone who can help a cow give birth?  Do you want someone with Bluetooth or someone with a tractor?  How can someone who makes food out of dirt not impress you?”

-Lou Bendrick

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  1. I’m a software engineer – homesteader. Does that mean I’m ready for both the cataclysmic dark ages apocalypse and the brave new world cyberpunk future? I’m hedging my bets. 😉

  2. Jessie–I agree it’s best to cover the bases. Of course, this morning Kelly woke up next to a man who can program HTML but has no idea how to birth a cow. Well, at least I can blog about that cow birth.

  3. Magnificent!!

    I’ve heard something similar about plumbers, too.

    The wealthy part of my extended family, those who work in the financial-legal-MBA industrial complex, cannot hide their disdain for those of us who work with our hands. In an emergency, though, it’s sinfully satisfying to watch them flailing about, unable to fix what’s broken until we step in and gracefully offer to help. Sometimes, there is a measure of justice in the universe.

  4. We joke about this too (my husband is a Project Manager in IT) but at the same time, are actually doing something about it (besides our urban homesteading) by increasing his skillset, including bowhunting and perhaps beekeeping (that was going to be my next course, but I am thinking maybe it should be him, or us both). OIK, it’s not going to pay the mortgage but it will feed us. Hopefully.

    I am a Registered Nurse, so that’s useful, but I’d like to learn herbal remedies, bush medicine, maybe field surgery!

  5. How would a tractor be of use when the oil wells run try I wonder… I’d prefer the man who handles draught horses! 😀

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