Saturday’s Quote: Charles Martin Simon

“There are no straight lines in Nature, folks. Nature abhors symmetry. Sure, things look symmetrical, but they never are, not when you look close enough. Symmetry is a human interpretation, a desire, an illusion if you will. Appearance leading to idealization leading to the setting of hard-line standards is indeed a problem.”

-Charles Martin Simon (aka Charlie Nothing), Principles of Beekeeping Backwards

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    • Nature even comes in cubes (see pyrite cubes). Bismuth is incredible also… well worth checking out.

  1. This reminds me of the notion that we’re always looking for patterns where there are none. Humans want to force logic on an illogical universe in an attempt to feel in control of fate. I’m trying to convince myself to simply accept things as they are, instead of trying to see them in some other form that is more pleasing to my notion of how things should be. This quote is a helpful nudge in the right (?) direction

  2. Ya I found it to be a very odd quote as well.. and I’ve heard it on more than one occasion, but there are plenty of examples of nature creating symmetry, just in the human body alone, the plant kingdom, crystals as you say as well.

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