Solar Garden Helper Thingy

From the always cool Build It Solar blog, a “garden helper machine” built by Randy, aka “PD-Riverman”.

I really Love gardening but I have a bad back and when it comes to staying bent over in the garden it gets rough. So I built this Helper Machine. I  call it My P-Machine. Planting/Picking/Pulling weeds/Putting around the garden machine. 

It’s powered by two 12 volt 80 watt solar panels that charge some golf cart batteries.

I feel like adding learning welding to my New Years resolution list!

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  1. would be useful to see a video of it in action, as well as to know how it operates, controls, etc. because it is not obvious how it would help for planting and weeding, or where you would put stuff other than you’re bum

  2. Ok–that’s pretty darn cool. I don’t have a bad back, but I do hate how my back hurts from being stooped over so much in the garden. Can’t be good for my spine. I’m sure my Dad can help me rig one of these up some day 😉

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