Video Thursday: A Houseboat, Tomatoes and Tiny House Living

One way to live cheap in expensive Northern California. Via Lloyd’s blog.

Growing tomatoes in Brooklyn. Via BoingBoing.

Wish I had seen this before I went to college.

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  1. That young fellow building the tiny house is so inspirational. “Bigger structure, more trash. Smaller structure, less trash.” And all the scrapyard materials used… Brilliant! The houseboat’s a neat idea, and I like the guerrilla gardener in Brooklyn, too.

  2. hi, this is off topic, but do you think you guys can do a post on an alternative way to floss.

    i know there are a lot of videos out there to make organic toothpaste, but no floss substitutes.

    i have to floss to keep my teeth healthy but i’m using nylon to do so and i’m sure there’s an organic alternative.

  3. Anon: I thought about floss when writing Making It, but didn’t end up trying to develop anything–I had to give up many ideas in the process of that book. But had I tried to develop the idea, I would have tried to do something with silk thread, sturdy silk thread–perhaps the weight used for upholstery? (This was one of the things that disqualified the project–it looked like it was going to require trips to specialty stores, which we were trying to avoid.)

    That thread could perhaps be run across beeswax blocks. Or even flavored by soaking in peppermint oil? These were just my thoughts. Again, I never tried it. I believe an older method of gum care would be through picks of different sorts.

  4. I loved the Vigilante Gardner video–so positive and inspiring! I have a big back yard and have never had a garden, but I’m determined that this spring I will have one.

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