More Pallet Composters

Thanks readers for sending links to some attractive pallet compost bins. The one above is at

Another nice one at, though I like to keep the bottom open and the compost in contact with the ground. Correction: the bottom is open on this composter.

It ain’t made of pallets but it looks like it will work nicely and you sure can’t beat the scenery. From Devon Morgan.

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  1. Have the pallets in the first picture been treated with something? Those are the best looking pallets I have ever seen! Why do you want the compost in contact with the ground? I think it should be done that way. Which of the compost bins pictured is not in contact with the ground? What is under it? Do you maintain your compost covered? I have heard this keeps the composted nutrients in the final product. If you do cover the compost bin, with what? Sorry for all the questions.

  2. They are nice looking pallets. I’ve seen good ones and bad ones. The middle bin seems to have a pallet on the bottom. I like to have the materials in my bin contact the ground so that beneficial microbes and worms can migrate up. It’s not absolutely necessary, though. I know that Will Allan of Growing Power likes to have a pallet on the bottom so that they can be fork lifted around.

    I cover my compost to keep it moist (we’re in Los Angeles). In other climates you might need to cover it to keep it dry. In some places you might not need a cover. Depends on where you are. Whatever will keep that pile at a uniform not too moist not to dry level.

  3. I read someone’s remarks that the nutrients will escape the compost if it is not covered. True? I think not. I just put it in something and leave it, never turning or covering. It seems to rot just fine. Thanks for the answers.

  4. When my compost is on directly on the ground the tree roots and other plants go wild and it makes for a very busy soil. I prefer something that is indirectly or intermittently in contact with the earth, or even better, advice on what to do about all of the live roots and growth that happily get into the composted matter…

  5. Re: the middle compost bin.

    Actually, the bin is open on the bottom and the compost is in contact with the ground. The front pallet lifts out so the compost can be more easily turned. I also use a worn-out sisal door mat on top of the compost to help retain moisture. As far as I know the pallet wood was untreated, but the photo was taken not long after I built the bin.


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