Zhengyalov Hats

A Zhengyalov hat (sometimes transliterated as “Jengyalov hat” is an Armenian flat bread stuffed with a surprising set of mostly foraged fillings which, according to this website, include, “spring onions, green garlic, coriander (lat. coriandrum), nettle (lat. urtica), chickweed (lat. cerastium), sorrel, capsella, mint and a special herb called either [sic] carmantyuc (kndzmdzuk).” It’s apparently a popular dish during lent and originates from the Karabakh region.

Our neighbors at Tularosa Farms dropped off two Zhengyalov hats that they found at a local Armenian market. They were quite delicious, though to eat one straight off the fire, as in the video above, must be a real treat.

I wish I could find a recipe in English. Leave a comment if you find one on the interwebs or in a cookbook. In the meantime, I’m just going to watch that video over and over.

More information on Zhengyalov hats and the cuisine of the Karabakh region here.

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  1. Cool! I’m going to show off here and say that these would be called Zhengalav hats, not hat – see how the second word is three letters? The third letter is pronounced “ts”. And that’s all I know. (Yes, I am a word geek)

  2. Very excited to share the news – we’ve finally located the source of these wonderful herb stuffed breads variously known as Zhengalov Khats, Jingyalov Hats, and now Ginjalov Bread! It’s in the same minimall as Kozanyan Meat & Liquor (1248 S. Glendale Ave, Glendale 91205, between Chevy Chase and Los Feliz)) and Saturday morning we had our first fresh baked Ginjalov! We’ll be returning to the International Bakery (818-242-3111) often to try their other Armenian specialties!

    • Thanks Ken–this is great news–like the LA equivalent of discovering the northwest passage.

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