The Chihuahua Menace

Gardeners face many threats: drought, flood, frost and the occassional plague of locusts. But no force of nature is more terrible and awe inspiring than a determined Chihuahua.

Our neighbors Anne and Bill sent us this shocking footage of one of these creatures ravaging their pea bed. Note how the Chihuahua seems to draw other creatures into its destructive vortex. Even a cat is inspired, against all natural law, to nibble on peas. This is called The Facilitator Amplification Effect.

Viewer discretion is advised.

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  1. My dogs do the same thing with the sweet peas –thankfully not the broccoli though…I don’t think I could handle all the gas.

  2. I like dogs that work for their food! p.s. i hope you trademark “root simple” if not to protect yourselves but to at least prevent others from capitalizing.

  3. my cat is way into munch munch crunching on indoor plants. which is why all indoor plants need to be researched as safe. and at one point i had a rescue rabbit who ate all my crops. its crap was great fertilizer, but it was eating all i was growing!!!

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