New Squash Baby Theory: Aliens

Photo courtesy Piero Fiocco

At the risk of becoming the “squash baby blog,” one final post on the subject. Reader Piero Fiocco sent some photo evidence that conflicts with Doug Harvey’s “Sass-squash” theory. Fiocco sent a brief, cryptic note:

“I from Italy once again.
I came in possession of this evidence….
Use it as you wish, but keep Erik cool 🙂

Ciao from Italy!”

It seems as though I “grew” an Internet meme rather than summer vegetables this year!

Squash sibling wants to send a text message but can’t due to outdated tech at Homegrown compound.

But at least I got “squash baby sibling,” which weighed in at a mere 17 pounds, shown above with a phone for scale .

Squash sibling was mercilessly chopped up and turned into four squash galettes, plus lots of leftovers.

Unfortunately squash sibling was harvested prematurely, to prevent theft, and tasted more like a zucchini (if it were ripe it would have pumpkin-style flesh). Because of this, the galettes were sub-standard.

Funny, writing this post reminded me that I had completely forgotten about the big, fat Greek pumpkin I grew last year. Read that post for a link to the galette recipe.

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  1. Man I loved reading about your squash baby adventures, I’m sorry it got porked. You could install security cameras next time? Or electric fencing, although most people are smart enough to get around that 🙂

  2. How said that someone stole your squash!! However, thanks for all the posts. I purchased 2 of these yesterday at my farmer’s market. However, the farmer called them a “French Roasting Squash”. Not so. And, they are very immature tasting like watery zucchini. I was planning on serving it with sauteed kale and a nice mornay sauce for thanksgiving….but, with no flavor don’t see that happening. I guess these Lunga di Napoli are going to the chickens and I’m going to the store for a butternut squash. Thanks!

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