Behold the Squash Baby

He’d lay down his life for his squash baby

Mrs. Homegrown here:

It’s 36 inches long as of today, and mystifying passers-by. I think I underestimated its size in the first post, where I claimed it was 20 inches. It was probably closer to 30″ at that point. The curvature makes it hard to judge. (I love the way it arches out of the raised bed–see the pic below). The thing is actually inching into the driveway now. Every time I pull the car into the garage I worry that I’ll clip it.  How would I ever face Erik again?

(For backstory on this, click here.)

I wanted to remove the nasturtium and other leaves blocking the view of the squash for this photo, but Erik cried, “No, you’ll ruin the camouflage!”

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  1. It’s a winter squash called Lunga di Napoli with an orange skin on the inside. And Paula–while I’m trying not to count my chickens before they’ve hatched, I have plans for soups, gnocchi, galettes . . .

  2. That is hands down the biggest squash I have ever seen (not counting pumpkins). 36 inches…. that is just incredible. I tried growing squash once, but the dog got to it =(.

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