Kimchi Secrets Revealed

Kimchi champion Granny Choe at Krautfest 2009 – photo from Eating L.A.

The last time I tried to make the spicy Korean fermented cabbage dish known as kimchi it was such a disaster that Mrs. Homegrown exiled the batch to the back porch where it rotted for a good two months before we got around to sending it to the landfill. At Krautfest 2009, which we helped organize back in September, we had the great privilege of learning to make kimchi from kimchi entrepreneur Oghee “Granny” Choe. And thankfully, Pat over at Eating L.A. has put Granny Choe’s recipe online for all to enjoy here. Having tasted Granny Choe’s kimchi, I can tell you that it’s not to be missed even for the kimchi-phobic.

You can order Granny Choe’s kimchi online at

Granny Choe also has a nice recipe for a savory kimchi pancake here.

Here’s some photos of Krautfest 2009 via Mark Frauenfelder.

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  1. KimChi recipes tend to have slight diviations. I suppose thats why there is a KimChi museum in South Korea.

    The recipe I use is pretty similar, but one variation in the sauce changes the taste. Not for everyone.

    KimChi Paste
    1 cup dried Korean chilis
    1 head garlic, grated
    1 thumb size piece of ginger, grated
    1/2 cup water
    1/2 cup fish sauce (basically anchovy broth)

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