StoveTec’s Hot Rocket Stoves

StoveTec’s wood burning rocket stove on the left, charcoal and wood on the right.

A reader comment alerted me to a very cool product, the StoveTec Rocket Stove, offered by the “not-just-for-profit” wing of the Aprovecho Research Center. Profits from sales of the stoves benefit the Center’s research. StoveTec sells two rocket stoves, one for wood and the other for both wood and charcoal. While I haven’t tested one, the $37 to $40 price is a bargain.

Rocket stoves are a simple “appropriate” technology that burns small pieces of wood and charcoal efficiently. We’ve blogged about them before and even constructed our own out of a vent pipe and bricks. Instead of burning a log to cook you can use trimmings from trees, bushes and even agricultural waste. According to StoveTec,

“StoveTec Stoves, rocket stoves invented by Dr. Larry Winiarski, use 40-50% less fuel and reduce emissions by 40-75% while reducing green house gas (GHG) emissions an estimated 60% or 1-2 tons per year. These stoves are preferred over other improved cook stove and three stone fires by 95% of users in Uganda. High adoption and preference reported in India, South Africa, Ethiopia and Chile proves the stoves great versatility among many different users.”

Looks like they could find a nice home in North American as well. Do some pruning and then cook dinner. How about a rocket stove tailgate party?

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  1. those look great. I bought a brick maker from an engineering company in Africa that specializes in human powered equipment to help the locals start small businesses. I bought one of their awesome makers and had it shipped from Zwahililand (sp?)I’ve been shredding my junk mail and old paper and mixing it with dried yard waste ( chipped and shredded branches and grass now that I have a wood chipper ) and then letting them dry for a couple of months. I know that company also produced a stove to burn the bricks in. I’d love to get one of these and give it a shot. It’d be a much better use than tossing my bricks into the fire. I’ve been cooking a lot outside this summer to keep the house cool at night and this wood be perfect.

    thanks for the post


  2. My name is Judy, I have spent most of my life in Boring, Oregon – but longed to live in Africa since I was a small child. A few months ago I overheard some ‘friends’ talking about me and one asked: “Think she will EVER go to Africa, then one said ‘no’ and everyone laughed quietly. I came home and made plane reservations for Ghana – no plans except I just had to make it happen. I find that what the government says that is needed – education, is not what will help most of these people because there are not jobs for them when they graduate (then the government raised the cost of schools so now many parents cannot send their children). I have developed five new opportunities for people to start new businesses, I saw this and was so enthralled by what you have done – the environment is a concern here, but still people BURN PLASTIC in their burn piles (help), but the air is clean with unleaded gas. These stoves would be a Godsend. Could you write me and tell me how I could get some? I live nicely on Social Security but want to help someone else get these distributed, with a small profit for the seller (s). [email protected] The poverty here is so darned disheartening, but the people are so sweet and happy and believe in God – it is all they have to get them past the hardships.

  3. Judy,

    You should contact the folks at the Aprovecho Research Center. Click on the link above in the post. They also have how-to info on their website for building these things out of scavenged materials. Good luck!

  4. If you are interested in purchasing a StoveTec stove or just learning more about, the place to go is to their website!
    I purchased a stove a little over 4 months ago and it has worked great for me! The best part is that it actually lives up to the hype and works just as advertised. Sometimes rare these days…
    Best of Luck!

  5. This company has gone downhill. They hired a new Sales and Marketing guy that is a purely money focused slimeball. Stay away until they change their practices.

  6. “the $37 to $40 price is a bargain.”

    Lowest price I could find on their site is $82.95 as of July 27. 2013. All other stoves on that site in the $100+ range.

  7. As of today, 06/12/14, the StoveTec Rocket Stoves are no longer $37-$40… The prices have nearly doubled.

  8. This post fill my heart with joy. I live in a part of Nigeria where I spend a lot on firewood and charcoal. I have tried improvising alternatives but haven’t found one I really like.
    Seeing this design and all the details on how toproduce mine is so gratifying. Soon i hope to make mine.

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