Stickers for the Organic Gardener

Via BoingBoing a clever re-purposing:

“Evil Mad Scientist Labs wants you to proudly label your organic garden with these handsome “Now Slower and with More Bugs!” stickers, originally produced to adorn software products. The influence of the Slow Food movement is increasing, and gardening is getting ever more popular. Even the tech bloggers are posting about local pollinators and getting beehives. In this environment, it is fitting that a new use has been found for our Now Slower and with More Bugs stickers, which were first seen in the wild back in December 2007. If you find a good use for them, we’d love to see pictures in the flickr auxiliary!”

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  1. This is funny! They can also say something like, “So good, even bugs eat it!” 🙂 I always thought it was strange that supermarket produce would not have any bugs or worms in it. I am used to having to look when I bite an apple to make sure there is no worm in it!

  2. LOLz!

    Once at the farmer’s market I heard someone buying sweet corn ask to make sure the corn was sprayed–there won’t be any bugs in it right? The farmer assured them there wouldn’t be. Ugh, I’d rather have bugs than cancer and dead soil. But this is central Illinois. The flatness affects the brainwaves.

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