Picklefest 2008 at Machine Project, Los Angeles, Saturday September 20, 2008

In collaboration with Mark Frauenfelder of Dinosaurs and Robots and the fine folks at Machine Project, we’re proud to be a part of Picklefest 2008. We’ll be demonstrating how to lacto-ferment everything from cabbage to radishes. Come on down with your produce and jars at 1 p.m. More info here. And here’s some directions on how to lacto-ferment foods.

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  1. just wanted to say: when i put your book in my amazon shopping cart, the first “you might like this book, too” was one on how to flee america. why is wanting to have chickens in my driveway a sign that i’ve given up on the american political system?

  2. Alia,

    You’re referring to a book called Getting Out. Our book is the third part of a self-reliance series by our publisher, Process Media. Getting Out was the second and Preparedness Now!, was the first. All are by different authors and have a different take on things. It probably came up in Amazon because we share a publisher. Getting Out is for people who have given up. The Urban Homestead is for people who have decided to stay put. And everyone should have a copy of Preparedness Now!

  3. I read through the lacto-ferment directions and had a few questions. Do you heat the salt water brine before pouring over the veggies? And for pickled cucumbers do you use a similar recipe to dill pickles, just minus the vinegar? (onions, dill, garlic, mustard seeds, peppers, etc.)

  4. Mistress,

    Recipes vary on whether to heat the brine. We never had and we’ve had good results. And yes, you can use the same seasonings in brine pickles as you would for lacto-fermented ones. For cucumbers we often use pre-made “pickling spice”.

  5. Hi-Does anyone know where I can get a crock to make sauerkraut in? My dad always talks about his childhood ceramic one with the wooden lid that they’d weight down with a brick. I’ve not been able to find one like this.

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