The Day at Root Simple HQ

I’ve taken Instagram and Twitter off my phone and I nuked my Facebook account (for the second time) a few months ago.

Why feed the social media beast when I have my own blog? Why line Zuck’s pockets?

Why not just take a few shots during a day spent building a new bed and getting the house prepped for a winter storm?

Pics shot with a 19 year old digital SLR camera fitted with a Holga lens. Many thanks to the Root Simple reader who gifted me the camera (sorry I don’t remember your name!).

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  1. Yes, more of this! I’m blogging again, a lot more, since muting all Stories on IG and taking it off my phone. I only check on desktop a few times a week and FB is only for groups but I really don’t do much there. Bring blogs back! I would love more writing and podcasts from y’all again.

  2. Hope it goes well during the storm. We had a storm in Oregon a few weeks ago and it was a widespread ice storm. We and most of the willamette valley had power outages and the roads were just dangerous. Watch for flooding!

  3. Happy to hear you’re freeing yourself of the social media! I love your blog ( you’re two books were inspiring too) and hope you continue to blog for many more years

  4. Something must be in the air, maybe we’re cross pollinating each others’ dreams. I’ve been pulling out of social media too and last week I started thinking about a return to blogging. And then I click on here to comment and I see Misti. (Hi Misti!)

    • Get thee back to your blog! If more of us that go back to it we’ll start draining the power of the social media giants. We’re in a better place than we were a few years ago. I think it’s safe to say that most people now think of social media CEOs as supervillains.

  5. Thank you for coming back to the blog! Root Simple has been one of my favorites for ages and ages.

    I abandoned instagram in the early pandemic when I had to choose between social media or newsletter (I was also doing zoom kindergarten at home and my hours for anything other than childcare shrunk to about 5 per day.)

    Ironically, I’m back on insta as of this month, but am paying someone to do it for my business. After so much time away, it’s totally toxic to me personally. BUT as a business we need to show that we’re alive. Sigh.

    • Good to hear from you Anne–and, yeah, social media is unavoidable if you’re running a business. On that note, let me tell anyone who may be reading this that you should check out Anne’s awesome self watering containers.

      I have to use X aka Twitter for some volunteer work I’m doing and I anticipate popping on to Instagram periodically. I’m just hoping to have a healthier relationship with it going forward.

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