Back From Nowhere

To my dear Root Simple friends: I’m back. Our webmaster and book designer Roman Jaster took on the arduous process of switching our hosting service and has restored the ability to subscribe to posts via email. Thank you Roman!

While I recover my muse, have a listen to this excellent summary of William Morris’ life via the Jacobin Podcast. The more I become familiar with Morris’ art and politics the more I think he speaks to our time, of the need to recover an optimism about the future and the right we all have to meaningful work.

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  1. Glad you are back. Switching hosing services is not for the faint of hear. Our Home Orchard Society did the same thing about six months ago and some people are still having some issues.

  2. Yay for receiving posts via email again! And glad you’re back and that it was just tech and not something dire.

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