We’ve Got the Covids

We made it almost three years but finally caught the Covid. Thankfully we’re fully boosted and doing okay.

Kelly woke up with flu symptoms on Tuesday and used a home test kit that flagged her as positive. A very nice friend and neighbor offered his garage accessory dwelling unit for me to quarantine in. As a precaution I went to my health provider for a test on Thursday which came back positive today and now I’m back in our house.

Kelly felt bad this week and her doctor put her on anti-virals that seem to be working. I have very mild symptoms so far.

I think we’re in the midst of a huge covid surge that’s vastly under-reported. I know a lot of people who have come down with it in the past few weeks.

I’m very thankful for our dear neighbors who are looking after us. Be careful this holiday season.

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  1. So sorry to hear that you’ve contracted it. I hope the anti-virals work and that you both get through it quickly without too much discomfort. Sending well wishes!

  2. So sorry to hear about the Covids!
    Prayers for swift and complete healing for both of you. Take good care!

  3. Thank you all for the well wishes. We’re still tired and coughing at night. Could be worse but I recommend not getting it.

  4. But we still need to be careful even though the COVID trend is decreasing. We started visiting our office at kontorshotell Stockholm, but we regularly clean the surface of our desks with sanitisers, try not to gather in big groups on the break and refresh the space every 2 hours.

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