Hugo for CD13!!!

Our ballots just arrived in the mail here and, in lieu of my usually links roundup, I thought I’d speak to my neighbors to suggest that you vote for Hugo Soto-Martinez for council district 13. The current occupant of this office, Mitch O’Farrell, has had nine years to work on issues such as homelessness and the safety of our streets. He’s spent those years virtue signalling and doing the bidding of his wealthy patrons. Mitch’s campaign funders include wealthy real estate interests, slumlords, lobbyists and gig economy companies such as Doordash and Airbnb.

We need someone like union organizer Hugo Soto-Martinez who, I believe, has a compassionate approach to homelessness as well as solid positions on transportation and the environment. You can read more about Hugo on his website

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  1. I really like that you use your platform to campaign for politicians you believe in. I am sick tired of that fake neutral attitude that actually censors political expression.

    I live in a country where most elections are compulsory and there is no mail or consular vote – it has to be done in person, in the assigned place, during (sorta) office hours. Even in this scenario there is a terrifying lack of knowledge of who are in the elective government offices (executive and legislative powers, both national and local levels).

    How can this apathy be undone…? I don’t know. But I don’t avoid talking about politics, and I find civil discussion very healthy.

    PS. This candidate has an uphill battle, but… there are no winners until the ballots are cast.

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