Cook With Internet Shaquille

I admire folks who have a intuitive grasp of their medium. An example would be the YouTube chef who goes by the nom de guerre, Internet Shaquille. He posts pithy, frugal and to the point cooking videos covering everything from hummus to coffee.

I’m partial to his take downs of expensive pre-made meals such as smoothy purveyor Daily Harvest,

and Scam Like Me, Get Blue Apron for Free.

He’s also got some solid advice on how to make a restaurant quality burrito at home.

So let that YouTube algorithm lead you down the Internet Shaquille hole where you’ll learn to make a BLT rather than storm the capital.

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  1. I think it’s a grasp of the audience, not the medium. That’s the beauty of freedom of speech, it even works for those who don’t understand it… and long live all patriots.

  2. I did indeed get sucked down a youtube rabbit hole. And I enjoyed it very much.

    And hear, hear– more cooking, less storming.

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