A Sasquatch in the Garden?

I keep a mental note of all the objects I’ve dug up while gardening over the years. The soil surrounding our house has mostly thrown up broken milk bottles from the days of the milkman. I’ve also found a lot of what I think are perfume bottles. Mostly though my shovel hits chunks of long buried concrete. Then I curse.

But this week, while we’ve been working on version 5.3 of our difficult to garden steep front slope, I uncovered the strangest object I’ve ever dug up: what appears to be a cast plaster footprint. In my fevered imagination and search for click bait blog headlines, this discovery proves this existence of Sasquatch. Alas, it’s a bit small unless we consider the possibility of a loose baby Sasquatch. More likely, it’s someone’s art project. Some years ago I also uncovered what looked like the beginnings of an attempt to carve a stone bust and I’m guessing this foot cast might be by the same aspiring artiste. Or maybe it’s the work of an aspiring Sasquatch researcher practicing making plaster foot casts?

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  1. Using the logic of Mr. Williams, I believe that what you have is evidence related to the disappearance of Squash Baby. Squash Baby grew feet and took off for greener pastures, far from your parkway, but not before having an unfortunate accident in another part of your yard, which resulted in the amputation of one of its feet. Perhaps it encountered a juvenile T. Rex?

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  3. How bizarre!

    My favorite find is a wooden Boy Scout medallion/coin with a bullet hole cleanly shot through. We also found a 55 gallon drum buried back there, but we just covered it back up rather than unearthing it. I still think about it every now and then and wonder though…

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