Good News

Kelly made it through an eight hour open heart surgery yesterday. Her surgeon reported that the operation was, in his words, “successful if tedious.” She has a new valve and a repaired aorta. This was a difficult and scary surgery and Kelly has a long recovery ahead of her.

I want to thank all of you Root Simple readers for your kind words and prayers. It means a lot to Kelly and I to be surrounded by so many loving people. I want to also thank our friend Caroline who came over yesterday to sit outside with me and calm me down during an excruciating wait. And many thanks to the clergy and parishioners of St. John’s Episcopal Cathedral for helping us prepare for the surgery and for sending me words of encouragement over the past few days.

Because of Covid I can’t visit the hospital which adds another layer of stress to this ordeal. But we are thankful to have good insurance and access to the kind of surgeon who can tackle such a complicated operation. Looking forward to bringing Kelly home in a few days.

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  1. Good news indeed! I’m so happy for you and Kelly that the surgery went well, and best hopes for a sure and speedy recovery. Also, I’m pleased for you that you have such a good support group in a trying time.

  2. Joyful! Sending all best wishes to you both and gratitude to the universe, your community, and Kelly’s doctor.

  3. Erik: Thanks so much for the update, and best wishes to both Kelly and you in her recovery.

    And COVID sucks. I wish we could see an end to this nightmare (and the other one, with the orange fringe on top).

  4. what wonderful news, and I wish all the best of healing to Kelly, fortitude to you both, and gratitude to her medical team… may recovery go without incident and with all due speed!

  5. Eight hours! It may have been tedious for the doc but I’m sure it was very stressful as you waited and prayed for good news. Hoping Kelly has a successful and speedy recovery.

  6. That is wonderful news. I was getting worried. I wonder why it took two weeks to get this done. I am glad you had a friend to wait with you. That always helps, and especially now since you could not be in a waiting room.

  7. May Kelly heal quickly with no complications. May you both enjoy a long, and happy future together. Ameen

  8. Dear friends, I have kept you in my thoughts and such news are indeed a fresh breeze. I hope Kelly´s recovery goes well and steady.
    Abrazos, Julia

  9. So thankful to hear of the successful surgery! We will continue to pray and send good positive energy. May you all continue to be held in Good Hands. Blessings, strength, love, and peace be with you both and all who made this surgery possible.

  10. Good news indeed!!!!!

    There are a lot of things being labeled “hard” right now. Not being able to be with your loved one in the hospital is actually HARD.

    Heal well, Kelly!

  11. So glad to hear the good news! And that you are both on the other side of the most intense part of this process. Lots & lots of blessings & healing.

  12. I’m a long time reader – I remember the first surgery. So very glad to hear the surgery was successful. I hope her recovery goes well.

  13. Good for you both! I know it’s different kinds of ordeals but an ordeal, nonetheless, for both of you.

    We live in an age beset by Covid but also one that provides us cell phones and visual images. I’m sure she knows that you’re with her in every possible way but physical but that technological link will get you both through the next phase.

    Thanks for sharing the news that the crisis is over.

  14. I’m glad to hear things went well – I can only imagine how excruciating the wait must have been. Hoping for a smooth recovery for all.

  15. Great to hear the surgery was successful. I am 5 1/2 years post surgery for the same “replumbing” as I call it. Do what you’re told and pray.

  16. Just seeing this, Erik. Sending love and healing vibes from all of us. Hope you’re doing better every day, Kelly.

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