Let’s Win This

I’m exhausted. I’ve spent the last three weekends knocking on doors for Senator Sander’s presidential campaign. During the week I phone bank.

I live a comfortable life. Many of the people I’ve spoken to, as a volunteer for this campaign, do not. They deal with unemployment, the threat of having relatives deported and a future of debt and uncertainty. And we all have, hanging over us, a climate crisis. California experienced the driest February on record. In some places there was no rain at all.

The last time I phone banked (reaching out to other supporters and volunteers around the country) I became overwhelmed, choked up with emotion and had to stop. What got me was the level of commitment of working people and students to this campaign–people with a lot fewer resources and time than I have.

No other candidate has a ground force as committed as Senator Sanders. No other candidate has been as consistent throughout his life in support of working people. His message is no more radical than saying that this country should offer the level of services that other developed countries have.

Some of you may not agree with all of his policies. If that’s you I respectfully ask you to consider a strategic vote for Sanders if just because no other Democratic candidate has the team in place to win this election.

We have one chance to make this happen. Not me. Us!

If you are still on the fence, read this article, “The Liberal-Conservative-Socialist Case for Bernie Sanders.”

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  1. Door knocking and phone banking are exhausting. Thank you for doing your part as an engaged citizen! I dream of ending the economic disaster of our current health care system and endless wars (the most destructive activity invented by humans) and of increased freedom for all of us. There is nothing radical about universal health care or providing higher education without individual debt. Hoping for a Sanders landslide tomorrow.

  2. Of course! I supported Pete Buttegieg but will vote for whomever we nominate to run for the Democratic Party. We must defeat the Current Occupant (I refuse to call him the POTUS) and restore some sanity back into government. And good for you for getting involved; the Sanders campaign especially runs on people like you and your cohorts; his grassroots campaign is a model for how all campaigns should be modeled in the future.

  3. I voted for Sanders in the last primary, when he ran against Hillary Clinton (who, by the way, I’ve never demonized). This time around, I’m having some concerns. I support most of his goals and ideas, but I’m beginning to think he doesn’t hasn’t gathered the nuts and bolts necessary for actual enactment. This was pretty clear during his 60 Minutes interview. We have one chance – and only one chance – to move the country forward, especially on healthcare. He has promised a much better system for delivering it than what we have now, but if he what he proposes doesn’t fully, realistically fund it, it won’t pass Congress. Worse yet, it might pass, become law, then run short of money under his proposed revenue sources. I’m also concern about his continuous use of the word “free”. Nothing he has proposed is free; everything must be publically funded via taxes or fees. By describing all this as free, he sets himself up to be criticized by his opponent as an unrealistic, pie-in-the-sky kind of person, detached from the reality of governing. The progressive wing of the Democratic party might have done better to throw their support behind Elizabeth Warren, who supports a similar platform, but is nothing if not a numbers nerd.

    • I’m very much hopeful for a Sanders/Warren (or Warren/Sanders) ticket. #MomandPop2020

  4. “No other candidate has a ground force as committed as Senator Sanders. No other candidate has been as consistent throughout his life in support of working people. His message is no more radical than saying that this country should offer the level of services that other developed countries have.”

    100%. He’s got my vote.

  5. I am in Canada but have been following this election.I think Sanders is the best candidate to deal with the many social problems in US.I also think that he is the only one who can defeat Donald Trump

    I hope the result is positive

  6. I’m tired of hearing that Bernie’s policies are extremist. What is extreme is for a developed western nation not to offer universal health care, higher education or housing to its people.
    Bernie just wants to bring us closer to the rest of the developed world, a place where quality of life surpasses ours in the USA

  7. Thank you for your dedication and commitment of time. I too was emotional yesterday when dropping off my ballot. There is so much at stake.

  8. If the Dems insist on running Biden, just like they insisted on running Hillary,

    then Trump will have his 2nd term. Period.

    The subject of Hunter Biden has still not been litigated publicly , Joe Biden will have a lot to tap dance around regarding that subject with Trump.

    So I hope Bernie takes off the kid gloves (kid as in baby goat, meaning soft) come March 15 and litigate this whole Hunter Biden fiasco. There’s a lot to unpack there.

    Don’t do this with Trump. Do it now, and if Biden comes out clean then Bernie can bow to Biden come Milwaukee. But Hunter Biden in Delaware, then in China, then in Ukraine, has to be brought up now.

  9. I just wanted to say that I appreciate your efforts in your community. I am, admittedly, not a Sanders fan, but I am a big fan of anyone who puts skin in the game and takes action to make their community stronger.

  10. If Biden is the nominee, Trump’s gonna mop the floor with him. Biden is obviously losing his marbles, and he’s recently started looking like a sick, elderly person whose health is in decline. It’s hard to believe that he is the best the Democratic establishment could find to take down Bernie. It makes you wonder what level of fraud was necessary to get Biden to this point.

    A Bernie/Tulsi ticket would have a chance of beating Trump, although it would be close. A lot of Dem voters here have been changing their registration to Ind or Rep. The impeachment circus and the Russian hysteria haven’t played well here.

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