131 Learning to Smell the Roses with Kendra Gaeta

On this episode of the root simple podcast I talk to Kendra Gaeta about something you probably don’t think about too much–your sense of smell. As usual with the podcast, I have a bad habit of turning off the recorder too soon. After I recorded this interview with Kendra, who is a board member of the Institute for Art and Olfaction, Kendra pulled out a box of scents in tiny vials and proceeded to blow my mind.

Smelling all those vials was a reminder of the sheer range of smells we might encounter and, most likely, ignore in the course of a day. Paying attention to our sense of smell opens up a whole new reality. We think a lot about things we see, hear and taste but don’t give a lot of thought to the way we experience the world through our noses. Kendra will change what you know about your nose! During the conversation Kendra mentions:

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  1. This was a great listen! It would be interesting to hear Kendra views on common commercial fragrances in products like laundry detergent. I have a mixed relationship with fragrances. There is so much over powering garbage out in the world these days.

    • I suspect she’d agree with us that those fragrances in laundry detergent are not only awful but toxic.

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