Making Mistakes and an Update

A big thanks to Erik Volkman who let me know that I had accidentally re-released episode 127 of the podcast (an interview with Fr. Mark Kowalewski on apocalyptic thinking) instead of episode 128 (an interview with James Heard and Ashton Hamm of UXO Architects). I’ve fixed the problem but due to the kludgy way that podcasts propagate your podcast app may still play the audio from episode 127 instead of the interview with the architects. You can hear episode 128 on the blog here. We’re also experiencing problems with editing blog posts and posting images, a situation our web czar and book designer Roman is working on.

And an update: the Silver Lake Progressive slate that ran for the local neighborhood council won in a landslide. They now have a slim majority of the council and will have their hands full fixing the damage done by their predecessors (who are busy holding last minute meetings in order to spend the last few dimes the council has left after blowing most of their budget on a dubious study). A more important task will be to lay the groundwork for taking the city council of Los Angeles which, according to a recent study, is the second most corrupt city government behind (of course) Chicago. Shake a palm tree here and a lot of rats fall out.

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  1. Do you have a link to the study about LA being corrupt? I’d love to see the documentation on something my gut tells me is true.

  2. Great to hear about the Silverlake Elections. I’ve been thinking and talking to others in my part of LA about how to improve the responsiveness of our neighborhood council. I’d love to hear a future podcast, or read a blog post about how it all came together.

  3. And here I was thinking that I made some kind of mistake on my end with the last podcast…I’m walking along listening and thinking “I think I’ve already heard this one on the apocalypse.” By the time I got home I forgot to double-check, so I’m glad there was someone out there on top of things! I’ll listen next week. I love the Berenstain Bears cover!

  4. Great news about the Silver Lake election! I watched as much of the video of the now-outgoing council. People on a power trip, for sure!

    Your statement: “Shake a palm tree here and a lot of rats fall out” reminds me of William Least Heat Moon’s description (in his wonderful book, Blue Highways) of a road that was so crooked that it “could run for the legislature.”

  5. Episode 119 is mixed up too. Just an FYI. Thank you for the podcasts, I really enjoy them!

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