A Programming Note

Somewhat ironically, for a blog that focuses on low tech solutions, we’re having computer problems. The desktop computer I depend on to write the blog and edit audio is not working. Hopefully we’ll be back soon.

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  1. I finished Life at Home in the 21st Century today. Wow.
    Just, wow. So many thoughts. Thanks for putting that book on my radar. It has made me look at my home (and others’) in a whole new light. I would love to see an updated follow up especially with the technology, but I realize that would be an ambitious project. I’ve recommended it a friend currently in a PhD program centering on materialism, consumption, and ecology. It was a brilliant book. (Though some of those houses would make me lose my mind with the chaos and clutter. I had to seriously wonder about how things would be if I’d had kids–in ways I’d not previously considered such as the proliferation of children’s stuff in every room of the house.)

    I hope you get your technological kinks worked out with only a minimum of frustration. 😉

    • Thanks BLD–and, I think about that book almost every day. Sobering. We still have to deal with a bunch of stuff in our shed.

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