Adam Parfrey 1957-2018

We said goodbye to Adam Parfrey yesterday. Adam was one half of the publishing team (with Jodi Wille), who put out our first book The Urban Homestead. At his memorial on Sunday he was remembered as someone who stood up for the principle of free speech, as a trickster, as the “last wild man of American letters,” and as a kind and caring husband, uncle and brother.

I want to say just how much we enjoyed working with Adam and Jodi. One of the first events we attended, after our book came out, was a huge publisher’s convention where we signed books in the Feral House/Process Media booth. Kelly and I took some time to wander the conventional hall and look at the offerings of the other publishers. It was depressing. They all seemed to be trying to put out the same books. Meanwhile, back at Adam and Jodie’s Feral House/Process Media booth a transcendentally fun party was going on. Members of the Source Family, were milling about in their flowing white robes. Pamela Des Barres dropped by to chat. Adam and Jodie promoted their books which, that year, included a profoundly not safe for work history of Weimar Berlin and the wild story of the aforementioned Source Family.

I told Adam about the sameness I had witnessed at the other booths. He explained, what I think neatly summarized his publishing philosophy, that other publishers asked the question, “How can we publish a book just like the other publishers?” whereas he and Jodi asked how they could do something different. Not only did Adam publish books that were different but he also put out books that no other publisher would get anywhere near. To say Adam’s books were controversial would be an understatement. He had a knack for combining controversy with good business instincts, no small feat in a difficult period for publishers.

We will miss Adam.

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  1. Adam Parfrey was best friends with Boyd Rice and other Nazis, Satanists, occultist, nihilistic assholes.

    You come across as a latent nazi.


    Perhaps your ‘lazy writing’ is no longer an aberration but a subconscious racist pathology?

    You offer no critical review of this scumbag’s output, instead you gloss over his associations with fascists as a “principle of free speech, as a trickster, as the “last wild man of American letters”.”

    Some would say the 21st Century Alt-Right, Reddit, 4chan, etc. owe a great ancestral debt to the fascist excrement published and promoted by Parfrey.

    As you ossify in your Silver Lake abode, disconnected from the disenfranchised in temperament and spirit, you’ve now degenerated into an apologist for someone promoting satanism, fascism, racism, under the guise of being an advocate of free speech.

    In terms of a Dutch boy, freckle-faced man-child as yourself, and your white wife’s close, comfortable, uncritical association with Parfrey, that may simply be a “white thing.”

    Your feeling comfortable, on a subconscious level, with another highly narcissistic, semi-literate pseudo-intellectual white man and his supportive, uncritical wife; just as the dynamic between Mr. & Mrs. Homegrown.

    You demonstrate latent envy in Parfrey’s publishing pursuits, and obviously felt the adrenaline rush of being validated by this nazi apologist when he and his wife (double validation for your Mrs. Homegrown) published your first demonstration of useless narcissism made manifest.

    The only great memory of your experience with this shit head’s life is, again, not surprisingly, ultimately about yourself (and Mrs. Homegrown) critically reviewing the competing vendors’ booths and of course determining that your publisher is so different and cool, while everyone else was repetitive and boring.

    Naturally, by extension, that makes you cool, and not boring, like everybody else. Don’t you think?

    Unless you subscribe to the Mussolini dictum of “I don’t really care, do you?”

    Additional criticisms of your pathetic, hypocritical life and narcissistic “thought styling” is forthcoming…if you can actualize the true meaning of free speech and permit a critic to post their views of your blog, and ultimately of your “thought styling.”

    Whatever the fuck that means to an objective reader.

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