Team Human

There will be no podcast this week due to the fact that I’ve spent too much time glazing windows and too little time booking guests. Rest assured that you can look forward to future Root Simple Podcast episodes involving topics as varied as climate science, lard and rum.

If you are glazing windows today and want a podcast to listen to, let me suggest Douglas Rushkoff’s Team Human. While you struggle with the putty, Rushkoff struggles with our troubled relationship with technology through interviews with an eclectic set of guests.  I’ve been binge listening during my long week of fenestration-centric chores.

Do you have a favorite podcast? Leave a comment . . .

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  1. I binge-listened to S*Town ( in September; not for the faint of heart (language, sexuality, greed, violence), but it’s a really compelling seven episode saga. Regular podcasts I enjoy (besides Root Simple!) include On Being with Krista Tippett ( and Harry Potter and the Sacred Text ( I’m also challenging myself with a daily Norwegian show called Utakt (“Out of Step” according to Google Translate); I understand about one word in 10, but it’s a fun way to practise my listening skills in a language I’m trying to learn. (

  2. My favorite is attack ads podcast. The guy has crazy whit and really hates advertisements. Also love team human.

  3. Some of my favorite podcasts are Partially Examined Life, Revolutionary Left Radio, Gastropod, Living Homegrown, Treatment Free Bees, A Way to Garden and Sow Edible.

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