City Mapper, an Alternative to Uber/Lyft


Queasy about the exploitation of gig economy employees? I am, and this is why I’ve yet to step into an Uber or Lyft. Apparently the City of London agrees with me having, this week, pulled Uber’s license.

My ride sharing alternative, when I don’t feel like driving or riding my bike, is a handy and free public transit app called City Mapper. City Mapper works in 39 cities worldwide. Enter a starting and ending point in City Mapper and the app offers you a number of transit options along with estimated travel time.


Once you choose a transit option it shows you a map and helps you navigate to the nearest transit stop. When you’re on a bus or train it will buzz your phone to notify you when to get off (good for the transit dozing types, I suppose).

City Mapper runs on iPhones, Androids and on the web. It also suggests bike sharing options (though I haven’t tested this feature) and will even help you hail an Uber if that floats your transit boat.

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    • They both do much the same thing, but if you’re in a city covered by Citymapper, it’s got some extra features such as sending ETAs as well as more transit detail.

  1. It doesn’t have any of the cities I would need. The cities I need aren’t on their suggestion list, either.

  2. There is no concern here for the rural factor. We have a desperate transportation lack here in the State of Maine. Have you ever heard of Maine”? Uber is beginning to help us.

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