How to Roast Coffee Photonovel

coffee roasting picYesterday afternoon, on a whim, I decided to experiment with a new/old educational format: the photonovel. It’s something you see more in Latin America and Italy than in English speaking countries. I thought I’d use this genre to tackle one of my favorite homesteading activities: stove-top coffee roasting. You can download my brief coffee roasting photonovel here (PDF). It’s a rough draft but if you like it I’ll do more, and maybe turn one into a telenovela.

And, please, try roasting coffee sometime. It’s my favorite activity here at Root Simple labs!


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  1. Very cool! A great visual to roasting coffee. I just might try it now! You could do a new type of how to book with this set up. Questions: Did you drill a hole to insert the thermometer in? And is this Whirley Pop used only for coffee roasting? I have one for popcorn but as I use it a lot I don’t really want to ‘ruin’ it if it won’t pop corn later on.

    • Hey MG,
      Yes, I drilled a hole for the thermometer (I need to include this in a few more panels when I expand this comic). And, yes, I use my Whirley-pop only for coffee roasting. The oils from the coffee accumulate over time and I’m guessing you might end up with coffee flavored popcorn. But I have heard of people using it for both.

  2. Very cool! I’m leaning more and more towards roasting my own beans, and a nice pictorial certainly helps.

  3. photonovels are cool! I say keep doing them if you like creating them, I surely will enjoy reading them 😀

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