The Primitive Technology Guy

I mentioned last week that episodic TV, YouTube videos and a recliner are an important part of Kelly’s open heart surgery recovery process. Our breeches are still deep in that Jas. Townsend and Son 18th century YouTube cooking hole, where we’re learning about cleaning pots with brick dust and how to make Norfolk dumplings on the go.

Australian reader Jampotts reminded me of another wildly popular YouTuber who just goes by the handle “Primitive Technology.” The anonymous creator of the these wordless videos, shot in northern extreme of Queensland, Australia uses a “show me don’t tell me” philosophy of film making that I greatly admire. No long, babbling intros!

Kelly was especially impressed with his pump drill fire starting technique:

He has a blog that describes the content of his videos in more detail.

People like John Townsend and the Primitive Technology guy are the good side of the internet, producing quality work that’s a lot better than mainstream television. If you have a favorite YouTube channel let us know about it in the comments.

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  1. I love to watch MCQbushcraft.
    Very good presenter. Really knows his stuff and humble in his teaching. And if you fall down the rabbit hoLe of bushcraft videos take a look for Ray mears shows. Wild food was a good series. There are generally a few links on YouTube to his stuff. Inspiring and beautiful to watch.

    If you want something extremely calming to watch I would also recommend looking for slow tv from Norway. Realise footage of journeys through the country. Often hours long. It’s mesmerising.

    Good luck with the viewing and may you heal well and fast. Thanks for all you do.
    Lots of love,

  2. Gardening Australia is excellent – available as a free (video) podcast, not through youtube. They sneak a lot of permaculture into their segments even if they don’t use the word “permaculture” and their enthusiasm for gardening is infectious.

  3. There ‘s several videos (well not so much, I want more) on induction cooktops (hot plates) run on solar photovoltaics. So far looks like experiments by off-the-grid types, wondering if this can be commercialized and simplified… where you don’t have to bother with wattage, amps, etc. simply expose the photovoltaics to the sun, and cook.

    Any chance you guys can do an article on this? thanks!

  4. I always enjoy your Youtube suggestions… keep ’em comin! Saw a recent Kristen Dickson episode on Brad Lancaster’s community water harvesting efforts in Tucson ( that has me building mulch basins all over the back yard. Also just started watching Peter Owen Jones: How to Lead a Simple Life: Seems promising so far.

    Thank you as always, and hope it’s a great new year.

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