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I’m a huge public library fanboy. With LA’s huge central library is just steps from my gym, I usually find myself with way too many books checked out. On my last unnecessary and purely recreational library visit, my favorite librarian informed me that our book Making It is available for download in the Overdrive app. Ego boosted!

Many public libraries, in addition to books, now have a long list of digital gewgaws, apps and resources. One of those apps is Overdrive, which allows you to download eBooks, videos and audio books to your digital devices for free. Over 30,000 libraries worldwide use Overdrive to distribute materials. To sign up you log in with your library card number and create an account. You will also need to install the Nook app to read books downloaded through Overdrive.

I highly recommend that you ask your local librarian about your local library’s digital resources. In addition to apps like Overdrive, many libraries have powerful online research tools. Your librarian can also step you through how to download and use apps like Overdrive.

As I’ve been blathering about cleaning and de-clutering on the blog lately, I hope it’s obvious to see how getting books at the library can free up shelf space and save money. Downloading digital books can be part of that de-clutered, minimalist lifestyle. While, personally, I prefer physical books, I also appreciate a bargain. Overdrive and Making It are available to you for freeeeeeee!

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  1. I really enjoy your blog. Thank you for plugging the library and congrats on your book being available digitally. I’m a lifelong library lover and am constantly amazed how so few of the people I know utilize our excellent library system!{ I live in Santa Cruz}. I use overdrive for listening to audiobooks what a wonderful, free luxury!} and also check way more books than I’m able to get through. But who cares, they’re free! What’s great is that it encourages me to check out books that I may not be sure I want to read; then I’m free to explore! Keep up the great work, and best wishes for a speedy recovery to Kelley.

    • Thank you Judy! Part of my family used to live in Santa Cruz and I have fond memories of the place. Hope you have a great holiday.

  2. I love the idea of all that knowledge and ideas being spread around the world. I bet that it is handy for Kelly to be able to just pick and choose a book wo having to leave the bed as she is still recovering 🙂

    For those of the readers who dont have the two RootS books yet- make sure to also get the hard copies 😀 i really love the colorful graphics.

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