An Update on Kelly

Kelly is home and hopes to, someday, describe her ordeal soon. But I thought I’d put up a quick post to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers and to let you know that Kelly is back home. It turned out that Kelly had a relatively rare genetic defect that led to an aortic dissection (type A). She was wheeled straight from the emergency room to the operating room for open heart surgery. The doctors and nurses of Kaiser Permanente saved her life through quick diagnosis, skilled surgical treatment and attentive and compassionate nursing care.

I also want to note that, thankfully, we are fully insured through Kaiser and live just two miles from their medical center. All we had to pay was a reasonable co-payment for the entire operation and hospital stay. I must also thank our friend Caroline who drove Kelly to the emergency room, stayed by my side late into the night and cleaned our house top to bottom the next day with her sister Rebecca. And thanks to Fr. Mark Kowalewski of St. John’s Episcopal Cathedral who was with Kelly in the emergency room and with me in the waiting room while Kelly was in surgery. Lastly, thank you to our dear readers. Kelly was in tears as she read your comments yesterday.

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  1. Glad to hear you are home, Kelly. Wish you a speedy recovery. Hopefully there is no chance of a recurrence(?).

  2. So glad you are home so quickly, Kelly! Warm hugs and prayers continuing from all of us here in San Diego. Keep doing what the doctor says – slow and steady and you’ll be feeling better before you know it.

  3. Holy cow. I obviously picked the wrong time to take an Internet vacation! So glad everything fell into place for Kelly, thanks to her own excellent good sense in realizing something was seriously wrong in the first place. Sending good thoughts and good vibes to you both.

  4. Thank you for taking the time to give us an update. I would have understood if you hadn’t, but I’ve been checking in hoping for one and I’m sure others have too. I’m so glad to hear Kelly is ok- please continue to recover and heal!

  5. Welcome home, Kelly! I look forward…eventually…to hearing your insights about this experience. So very glad that you are OK.

  6. So very happy to hear that you are back home, Kelly. I am continuing to send you good energy and prayers for a complete recovery. You are a blessing in our lives. Be strong. Namasté

  7. This happened to my mother. It took a month to diagnose her and it nearly killed her. I’m glad Kelly is doing better and is home. Please have her checked out for horners syndrome.'s_syndrome

    She has that due to the aortic dissection. She will have it for the rest of her life and I’m grateful that she is alive.

    Everyone is in our prayers.

  8. Thank you for the update. I have been storming heaven with prayers for you, after learning of the event. I can’t help but think of grandpa and your dad. It definitely makes me curious about the genetic links. We will keep praying for a full recovery. Blessings!!

  9. I am so glad to know that Kelly is home. Prayers for her complete recovery. I have been thinking of Kelly frequently since Erik’s post about her surgery. I thought of Kelly again last night in a different context–and one that I hope will bring a smile to her face. Earlier this year, Kelly wrote a post titled, “The Horror Beneath the Armoire.” Wow, could I ever identify with that one! Two nights ago, I moved the couch out from the wall in an attempt to find some lost dog toys. What I found instead (along with plenty of dust and cobwebs) was a long lost flyswatter, two cat toys, and a printout of an email from 2012. I so enjoy this blog and look forward to many more posts from Kelly.

  10. Been a bit busy lately so only just heard the news, but I did want to add my good wishes for Kelly’s recovery. My first thought was Nooooooooo…..we can’t afford to lose you, Kelly. The world needs people like you very badly to light us into the future.

  11. You don’t know me personally, but I feel like you are my friends, through this website and your books. So very glad to hear the surgery went well, and that you are home already, Kelly! You both have such wonderful support, both there with you, and from your readers from all over. You both mean a lot to so very many! Wishing you the most rapid of healing!

  12. God Bless your family… Prayers for sure. I want to add that God will use this emergency and your sharing the medical info to save someone else.

  13. Thank God! We are so happy to hear Kelly is home and pray that she will mend soon. Take your time. There is no need to rush. Enjoy every lovely thing together. Heal.

  14. I live in southern Oregon. The fruit/tuna’s on my cactus are a deep purple/blue color. Is it a type of cactus I can use for making Jam? I’ve been wanting to try making it for several years now, but must admit I’ve never even tasted one of the fruits yet.

  15. Best wishes for continued quick healing Kelly! And so glad to hear of your amazing support network.

  16. That’s a big surgery. Long recovery time. Be patient. May take a year to feel “normal” (based on CABG– an ascending AAA repair is bigger).
    Hopes and prayers.

  17. i am so, so sorry for you both. i just read your news this morning (had been on an internet vacation) and…… like so many have already said, i feel like i know you both thanks to the blog, podcast, and books. you’ve been a big influence in my life, as i found you right when i was beginning to realize that i needn’t be doomed to live life as a mindless consumer lacking in the most basic of life skills 🙂 you have accompanied me and inspired me as i’ve learned to make sourdough bread, garden, mix up toiletries in my kitchen, sew cloth mentrual pads… i haven’t made it to chickens yet but they’re surely in my future! i can’t thank you enough for all that you’ve done for so many years. kelly, i’ll be sending you daily positive vibes for a strong and speedy recovery, and erik, i’ll be sending you daily positive vibes hoping that you have as much in-person and virtual support as you need.
    hugs from france xxx

  18. Good people attract good people — so glad you’re surrounded by the support and strength you both need right now. May that continue, and may you also take heart in your own resilience. Big hugs.

  19. Dear dear Kelly, continuing to surround you with love and prayer. So thankful you are okay in this now, and sending so much love to you and to your hubby. Hope and trust you are getting a ton of wonderful good rest.

  20. Welcome home, Kelly! So very, very glad that you got superior – and immediate! – medical attention and that you’re recovering. You remain in our thoughts!

  21. Oh good! Home is the best place to be to get better!
    I hadn’t thought about how much this blog has added to my life, but since Kelly was stricken down I’ve just had a constant stream of things I’ve learned and started thinking about from here. Thanks to the both of you!

  22. Thank you Erik for the update, and welcome back home Kelly!

    I am glad to know that you received excellent care and support and that you are recovering.

  23. I wanted to add my voice to the chorus of support. I’ve learned so much on this blog and look forward to learning more still. It might sound weird, but something about Root Simple is comforting. It’s sort of like knowing a wise, trusted friend. Many commenters have said they feel they know you just from reading this site, and I echo that sentiment. Heal well and thoroughly!

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