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A brief programing note here instead of a full podcast–the next few months are going to be busy ones around the root simple compound so I’ve decided to produce the podcast every other week–twice a month rather than four times a month. On next week’s episode we’ll have an interview with tomato breeder and farmer Fred Hempel. In the meantime, if you’ve got a commute you want to fill with a DIY podcast, you should also subscribe to our friends at the Garden Fork Podcast which you can find at gardenfork.tv. Thanks for listening and we’ll be back next week.

If you want to leave a question for the Root Simple Podcast please call (213) 537-2591 or send an email to [email protected]. You can subscribe to our podcast in the iTunes store and on Stitcher. The theme music is by Dr. Frankenstein. A downloadable version of this podcast is here.

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  1. I tagged you guys on instagram but not sure if you saw it. Aren’t you in Silverlake? There’s an art show at the Silverlake Art Gallery with large canvas paintings of Silverlake by John Meng. Wish I lived there because they look awesome and I’d love to see them. Just wanted to pass it along in case you were interested.

    • Thanks Rachel–we’re bad about checking our Instagram! Just took a look at the paintings and thanks for letting us know.

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