070 Reconsidering Organic “Waste”

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What happens to the organic matter you put in the green bin? Where does it go? What could we do with it that could save the world? Kreigh Hampel, recycling coordinator for the city of Burbank, is our guest once again to discuss thinking of organic “waste” as organic “nutrients.” Kreigh was on 042 of the podcast “The Tailpipe of Consumption” to talk about inorganic waste and how it is recycled. Organic matter and the possibilities it has for transforming our cities is Kreigh’s favorite topic. In this podcast Kreigh outlines the current, unsustainable way we deal with organic matter and ways that we can all help change the paradigm.

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  1. What a great and inspiration podcast! This gentleman has presented some very thoughtful and educational ideas. I am so glad I finally found the time to listen. Thank you for having this interview. This gives me hope and relief from all the doom and gloom. Just what we need!

  2. I recently came across a company that is doing local composting in the Boston metro area: Bootstrap Compost. Subscribers receive a compost bucket for waste that is collected weekly or bi-weekly to be composted at a farm; in return, they get mature compost. I find this fascinating and a model of what can be done nationwide.

    This was a great podcast episode. It has encouraged me to be a better steward of my worm bin (which I started after reading your blog posts about vermicomposting :)) so I will have lots of healthy microbes to inoculate soil and build a compost pile once I have a yard.

  3. I just re-listened to this fantastic podcast and had a question about the swales that Mr. Hampel mentions. So, was he digging a trench into which he was depositing those palm fronds, or was he just dropping the palm fronds onto the ground? I’d like to do something like this where the trenches originate from the downspouts that lead water into long, snaking, bog-like swales through the yard. If one were to do this, how wide/deep would those trenches be?

    Thanks again for bringing such fantastic guests on your site!

    • …Ah got it, Mr Hampel DOES drop the palm fronds in the trench! Ok, 2016 will be the year of Swale/trench digging–oops, that sounded like a New Years resolution, didn’t it? 😉

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