Picture Sundays: Long Holiday Weekend


Why is it that cats are the first consumers of newly created soft surfaces? Literally one minute after Kelly installed the new breakfast nook seat cushions she sewed up, the cats took up residence for a long afternoon of symmetrical idleness.

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  1. The cushion looks great! Kelly’s sewing skills must be better than she’s let on.

    • Thank you! The bench cushion is a little wonky–but as it looks to be primarily a cat hair collection device, that’s okay! I’m more pleased with the blue cushion.

    • I was also going to congratulate Kelly on her sewing prowess! The blue cushion looks really good, too – what style cover did you make? Were you brave enough to tackle a zipper closure? I’m curious!

    • Thanks. And gosh, no — no zippers! The blue pillow (and its off screen kin) are all easy envelope back covers. I love an envelope back cushion!

      And I even used an envelope closure on the bench cushions. That was less successful, but it was what I was willing to do. I wanted to be able to take the covers off for washing, so the best thing to do, for anyone with skills and sense, would have been to install a long zipper on one of the long sides, but I was too lazy to figure that out, and too lazy to go back to the store to buy long zippers.

      So I just made a long overlapping opening, as in an envelope pillow, on one of the skinny sides. The result is floppy and horrid looking but you know, that edge is pressed against the wall, so no one will ever see it! I could add button holes, or velcro dots or baste the edges together…but its more than likely that I won’t.

    • I’ve also made an envelope cover, but was quite disappointed at the way the closure bulges out; I did think of adding velcro or buttons, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. Also, I still have to sew the second, matching pillow (my excuse is that the front is patchwork, so it involves more work…).

  2. I have observed the same. The exception is when the new soft surface is a cat bed, in which case it will be ignored.

    • If there’s some place that I absolutely do not want the cats to sleep, I have only to put a cat bed there and Bam! no cats. It’s as effective as cooties to a second-grader.

    • Ha! It’s so true.

      Of course a cat’s favorite place to sleep is always going to be where it should not sleep, e.g. on a stack of freshly folded towels, on that dress you’d laid out to wear later, etc. Maybe I should try putting a bed on top of these things…

    • And given the choice, they’ll always sleep on the clean, dark-colored shirt and leave the light-colored stuff alone. It’s almost like they know.

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