New Cat Sensation: Faux Rat Tail


We’ve discovered a thrilling new cat toy: a long tail from a beet root. Yes indeed, it looks exactly like a hairy, dismembered rat tail, right down to the bloody stump. Even better, when batted, it moves like a rat tail.

In fact, the excitement around this toy was so great that I could not capture any decent images of our cat, Buck, and his rat tail, which he would not share with the other cats (who were wildly envious), or slow down his play so I could get an clear shot. By the next day, when he tired of it, the tail had dehydrated into little more than a rat whisker.

This Root Simple Approved Artisanal Feline Play Device contains no artificial flavors or colors. It is 100% organic, raw, vegan, locally grown, cruelty-free, sugar-free, gluten-free, compostable, non-toxic, derived from renewable beet crops and only somewhat staining to carpets.


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  1. LOL! I got a kick out of this. Cats find the most unusual things to play with and seem to be happier with boxes and bits of this and that more so then with any ‘cat toys’ that anyone brings them. Maybe you could market this?

  2. that’s great – my kitten loves bits of fluff which are easily found under furniture in my house. These bits of fluff are surprisingly strong fighters and keep kitten entertained for quite a length of time.

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