With bonus plantain!


I was cruising the nursery aisles when three of my favorite words caught my eye: dandelion, chickweed and plantain.

I read the print on this bag as saying “Contains dandelion, chickweed and plantain” and–apparently drifting in my own fantasy world where things make sense, instead of the world in which we actually live–I thought to myself, “Well, that’s fantastic! All three in one bag for easy seeding.”

Then I looked again and realized that the text read “Controls” not “Contains.”  It was–of course– a bag of weed n’ feed lawn stimulator–chock full of poison for killing my favorite edibles and medicinals  (as well as, I admit, some pretty intractable grasses).

Not a large bag of wild seed to make your yard into a giant salad bowl.

I’d like to return to my fantasy world now, please.

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  1. Ah ah, “contains” is what I read on the picture too at first sight…
    Maybe one day we will be so many in the fantasy world that it will become real…

  2. Hahaha…it is a strange world we live in.
    I love dandelions! On my acreage I love to et em run rampant. My neighbours are constantly asking if I want to borrow their sprayer to get rid of my “problem”.

    What problem?! I have self seeding flowers that don’t need a lick of care, they fill in the nasty mucky-clay empty spots , you can eat them, make wine, etc etc.

    The desire to destroy them is symptomatic of a severely diseased culture.

  3. I don’t understand why everyone wants such perfectly boring lawns. I let my lettuce go to seed and now it’s popping up all over the lawn. Goes well with the clover, dandelions and mallow 🙂 My little guy loves to pick and eat the edible things. He is only 3 and a half but can tell you what most of them are.

  4. Jess:
    Yes!…love the clover. If I could get clover and dandelion to take over I would be so happy.

    I buy clover seed by the sack and spread it liberally everywhere. Needs no watering, it attracts bees, looks good, grows in clay muck…is nitrogen fixing! Whats not to love?

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