How to Subscribe to a Podcast


First, I want to thank all of you who have subscribed, listened to and given us feedback on our podcast. I think there are many more of you who might like our podcast but are flustered by the user-unfriendly technology of podcasting.

You can, of course, just use the player that we embed in our podcast blog posts. But then you can’t do your dishes or listen to us natter on during your commute to work. If you’ve got a mobile device you can subscribe and have the podcast automatically downloaded via:

When I’ve got some menial chores I make sure to load up my cast-off iPhone with my favorite podcasts. I’ll share some the podcasts I listen to in a future blog post.

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  1. I am just too visually oriented to really enjoy a podcast, but I would love to read a transcript. I imagine this would be a great deal of additional work for you, however.

  2. Also for Android users there’s a couple apps for podcasts. I use Podcast Republic and really like it, but I think Podcast Addict is the other.

  3. Any chance you can provide the podcast for download via RSS? I don’t use any of those platforms for getting my podcasts – I just download them through a browser, then put them on my mp3 player directly.

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