035 Local Flowers with Tara Kolla of Silver Lake Farms

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On the Valentines day episode of the Root Simple podcast, Tara Kolla, owner of Silver Lake Farms discusses why you should care where your flowers come from. Tara grows and sells flowers right in the heart of Los Angeles. You can find her flowers at the Hollywood Farmers Market and at a pop-up that will take place at Valerie in Echo Park on February 13th and 14th. During the podcast we discuss:

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  1. I’m picturing Tara turning lawns into mini flower farms all over LA!

    Also wondering if there are native, drought tolerant plants that would be useful to grow for bouquets? Salvias come to mind.

  2. Tara says she uses lots of these types of plants — for starters, she suggests: giant buckwheat, acacia, leucadendrons, grevillea, budleja, and melaleuca

  3. Time for a silly quibble! Tara called people who sell stuff at Farmer’s Markets stuff that they didn’t grow themselves “peddlers”. Not the right word, a “peddler” is someone who travels around selling stuff to people at their homes. (Does anyone remember this? There used to be lots of them when I was a kid—like the Fuller Brush man.) A person who resells stuff at a market that they bought from someone else is a “huckster”.

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