033 A GMO-Free Los Angeles with Joanne Poyourow


Joanne Poyourow of Environmental Change-Makers tells the story of her part in trying to ban GMO seeds in Los Angeles. During the show Joanne mentions:

Joanne’s blog can be found at www.Change-Making.com.

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  1. Rather than banning how about working with people who use GMO’s to work out how to co-exist? I use them on the farm I work on and they have a fit in our system. If we can all listen to each others concerns and come up with solutions I think it is better than fighting each other until one side has won (and trampled on the rights of the other.)

    As a point of clarification they do not always lead to more pesticide use. Golden rice has been engineered to give beta-carotene to help prevent blindness. The seeds are distributed and do not tie farmers to the organization that produced them. There is no tie to pesticides with this GMO.

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