How to Make Great Pizza in a Home Oven

Breakfast pizza with eggs and zaatar.

Breakfast pizza with eggs and za’atar.

Our cob oven makes great pizzas. Why? High temperatures. You just can’t make good pizza in a home oven.

Or so I used to think. This weekend I invited some friends over for an outdoor pizza party but much needed rain put a wrinkle in those plans. I remembered that Josey Baker had some instructions in his book on how to make pizza in a home oven, so I decided to give it a try. I’m happy to report that it works so well that I’m beginning to doubt why I should bother to spend three hours tending a fire to prep the outdoor oven.

Baker attributes this home oven technique to San Francisco street pizza maverick The PizzaHacker. It’s simple. Here’s what you do. Heat an oven safe skillet (we use cast iron) over high heat on a burner. Stretch out your dough, put a little oil in the skillet and put the dough in the skillet. Top your pizza while it cooks in the skillet for around three minutes. Then, stick it under the broiler for three more minutes. That’s it. It works much better than trying to bake pizza on a pizza stone.

Is pizza out of a wood fired oven better? Perhaps, but not by much.

I’ll share my pizza dough recipe in a future post.

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  1. This really is a useful post – and while I can’t speak to the quality of our host’s dough recipe, I know that many (if not most) local pizza shops have no problem selling raw dough to their customers. It freezes well and works perfectly using the cast iron stovetop/broiler method mentioned in the post.

    Looking forward to that dough recipe, Mr. Homegrown.

  2. that is really good to know. I am obsessed with pizza and was considering building a wood fired oven to make it. But I have so many other projects!! Do you happen to have a dough recipe that has whole wheat flour in it? I have tried a few, and haven’t really been happy with the results.

  3. WOW! I love EASY and that certainly is easy. I might even start making pizza again. Looking forward to your recipe. I think mine is only so-so. Thanks!

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