028 Radical Homemaker Shannon Hayes

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Our guest this week on the Root Simple Podcast is Shannon Hayes. Shannon is the author of many books including Radical Homemakers, Long Way on a Little and The Grassfed Gourmet Cookbook.

She has a new book of essays called Homespun Mom Comes Unraveled, a smart, funny, moving account of the challenges and joys of living the DIY life. Shannon also raises grassfed livestock on her family’s Sap Bush Hollow Farm. You can find her books (in both hard copy and ebook formats) and farm products on her website, theradicalhomemaker.net. During the podcast we discuss:

  • Grass fed beef
  • Radical Homemakers
  • Gender roles
  • Her new book Homespun Mom Comes Unraveled
  • Messes
  • Making relationships work
  • Perfectionism
  • Home schooling
  • Higher education
  • Student debt
  • Occupy Wall Street
  • Reclaiming the holiday season
  • Shannon’s sock knitting machine

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  1. thanks for the awesome podcast!

    can you post / podcast on this situation:
    “i’m a product of the educational system: K through 12 + college/university. I am an EMPLOYEE in many senses of the word. How do i gain that entrepreneurial thinking, how do i make that transition?”

  2. What a lovely interview. With their easy banter, it was almost like eavesdropping on a conversation among old friends, rather than listening to a podcast. Shannon Hayes had interviewed Kelly and Eric for her 2010 groundbreaking book, “Radical Homemakers: Reclaiming Domesticity from a Consumer Culture,” and their mutual respect is apparent in the podcast.
    One of the best qualities of Hayes’ work is that she gives us a clear-eyed, untarnished view of her sometimes chaotic life. It isn’t easy to travel down the path that she (and Kelly and Eric) have chosen, and it would have been a disservice to their readers to romanticize that path. In this podcast, she speaks about that chaos, but also the joy and satisfaction that comes with being true to oneself.

  3. Looking forward to listening this one :)! Podcast #27 went a bit over my head, and I had trouble hearing what the guest speaker said- was it the record quality or is my 10-year old iPod dying on me? I could hear Erik perfectly though.

    An idea regarding future podcast guests: why not have an interview with Josey Baker? I got his book through your recommendation and really, really loved it! Oh and I was wondering whether you and Kelly have any plans of writing another book in the near future. I’m not sure whether you’ve talked about it in the past already, but I’m interested to hear about all the good things & stressful moments you went through writing these two books.

    Kind regards from Taiwan, where I’m currently living, and where it’s a lot harder to do DIY projects (e.g. they believe that a ricecooker is the only kitchen appliance they’ll ever need).

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