Picture Sundays: Cuff Link Pill Box


Thank you Anne Hars for this gem. And saccharine pills? Apparently it used to be considered a medicine. Here’s the history.

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  1. I grew up drinking ‘sweet tea’ as my Grandparents were from Texas. My Mom made it for my Dad but evidently didn’t like the idea of all that sugar. She would use part sugar and part saccharine. At that time, about 50 years ago, I remember the saccharine being these tiny little pill shaped things. Maybe the ad is referring to someone carrying their artificial sweetener with them.

  2. I don’t think I ever knowingly consumed any artificial sweetener until I was thirty-years old in about 1976. Daddy was declared pre-diabetic, so he drank TAB until his death from pancreatic cancer. We never had artificial sweetener at home or in my home. My parents would leave off the extra piece of toast at breakfast, generally just cutting back if either of them wanted to lose weight. No one could stand Daddy’s TAB, so it was safe from marauding children and grandchildren. Besides, we feared his wrath. Unfortunately, I have cultivated a taste for Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi. In general, all artificial sweeteners are nasty tasting to me.

    I saw a new product last week touted as being healthy. It seemed so until I read the ingredients that contained artificial sweeteners.

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