Garden Magician Jeffrey Bale

Jeffrey Bale Garden lr

Image: Jeffrey Bale.

Do yourself a favor today. Fall into mosaic and garden designer Jeffrey Bale’s blog and spend a few hours in awe of his work. He has a new post up showing a garden he built from scratch in Portland and a drought tolerant garden in Los Angeles. I’m especially fond of the fountain in the Portland garden.

Bale’s works is informed by his world travels. He creates spaces that invite contemplation and mystery. Join with me in imagining a world in which creative people like Bale could be cut loose to transform both our private and public spaces . . .

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  1. I very much like the look of the Aloe bainsii he used in the LA garden; pity they wouldn’t do very well here in Pennsylvania (we’re expecting more snow this Wednesday).

  2. I much prefer the natural look, and carpets don’t look natural to me. I don’t do pots anymore either as they are water hogs.
    I’m also over the gardens that look like they come out of architectural magazines, too artificial for me.
    These pictures look nice…..but not in real life.

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