021 The Queen of Quince


A conversation about the ultimate slow food, quince, with Barbara Ghazarian, author of Simply Quince and Simply Armenian. If you have room, you should definitely make room for a quince tree. If not, you should work with this amazing fruit. During the podcast Barbara discusses how to prep and cook quince. We also talk about savory dishes made with quince and take a detour into a discussion about muhammara. We also discuss:

You can find out much more about quince on Barbara’s website: queenofquince.com. You can connect with Team Quince on Facebook and on Twitter: @gotquince

If you’d like to plant a quince tree check out the selection of bare root trees at Bay Laurel Nursery. Order soon as they sell out.

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  1. ooh, what perfect timing! One of the orchardists at my local farmer’s market is expecting his quince crop to be market-ready in the next few weeks — an excellent chance to practice before my own tree gets big enough to produce.

  2. LOVE quince! <3 <3 <3 it! Sadly, not enough sun for a tree, but it's on the list and I'm glad to be able to find the fruit at our local markets. I mostly make membrillo, altho' I occasionally put it in with apples in pies.

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