Picture Sundays: Backyard, Midsummer


A view of our backyard taken July 1, 2014. The adobe oven is in the foreground and a monster, rogue squash dominates the background. Chicken run is on the left. The flattering viewpoint of this photo obscures much work that still needs to be done!

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  1. The arbor/pergola is filling in nicely. That’s most of what garden photography is for me, finding the most flattering angle that doesn’t show all the obvious work that needs to be done. I usually take a few photos, pull some of the larger/more significant weeds, then re-shoot. Perhaps us garden photographers should be more comfortable showing the world our blemishes.

  2. I love the look of a productive home. We just returned from a visit to family living in the most sterile of fancy subdivisions. I was looking at the red root going to seed in my garden (I’ve been doing battle with it all season) and thought, “Hey. I hear that seed is edible.”

  3. I would love my backyard to look like that. I don’t think I could find an angle that hides the needed work.

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