012 Damnation, Good Books and Listener Questions


In this week’s episode, Kelly and Erik discuss the documentary Damnation, what we’re reading and answer a three part reader question about bread, weeds and fertilizer.

We briefly mention our experiment in house cleaning inspired by a post on Apartment Therapy.

Those damn dams!
Go to the Damnation Website to watch the documentary trailer and find links to where you watch the whole movie.

Via Youtube, a documentary on China’s massive Three Gorges dam.

I didn’t mention it during the podcast, but I used to work at the Center for Land Use Interpretation. The CLUI did a show on towns submerged by dam building projects called Immersed Remains.

What we are Reading
Kelly is reading The Nature Principle: Human Restoration and the End of Nature-Deficit Disorder by Richard Louv.

Erik is reading Psychomagic by Alejandro Jodorowsky.

Listener Questions
We answer Gloria’s questions about making bread, weeds and fertilizer. Summary: get Josey Baker Bread, mulch and pee in your garden!

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  1. Another question: thinking ahead, because of the long set of stairs up to your house, what do you plan to do when the knees start to give out or one of you breaks a leg/whatever? Aging will hit all of us and I’m always interested in how others plan for this.

    • Hi Gloria, I think about this all the time. When we moved into this house there was an elderly couple living next door. They had to move when the man of the house could no longer go up the stairs. There’s no doubt that this house is not great from an “age in place” perspective. I see a personal trainer at the YMCA a few times a year specifically to protect my knees (so I can keep running and fencing). I hope this will help as I get older. That said the hill is a downside to the house. I think it is really important to consider future mobility issues when thinking about our housing. I was 33 when we bought this place. Perhaps it was the hubris of being young!

  2. My question is about the no-crow rooster collar… whether it works and if its humane and such. Thanks!

    • I asked Terry Golson about this–her answer will be on the next podcast. To sum up, no. Terry considers it cruel.

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